Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wren at 6 months

At 6 months.....

  • Weight: 15 lbs 13 oz (42nd percentile) and Height: 2' 1" (15th percentile)  She has gotten so chunky and we love it!  She has the cutest little baby rolls.  
  • We just started her on solids and she LOVES them.  It's been so sad to eat in front of her because she just watches you with her mouth wide open.  She's had squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots and has loved all of them!
  • She's really good at rolling over and thinks it's the funnest thing on the world...until she doesn't know how to roll back over.  Haha.  
  • Rolling over made bedtime kind of  a nightmare for a few weeks.  We had to stop swaddling her which was really rough for a few nights, but now she just rolls over on her tummy and self soothes.She started getting up again in the middle of the night to eat, but once she started on solids that has stopped and she usually sleeps 10-11 hours!  
  • She's happiest in the morning and loves to just babble and coo.  She has started to be very vocal and we love it!  She loves to talk to her toys.  It's the cutest thing ever.  She grabs her toy and stares at it while just babbling and sometimes yelling at it.  
  • Trey is still the favorite and gets the most smiles by far!  As always, she loves to be loved.  She would be happy being held all day long.  If she's not being held, she's on the floor on her tummy, rolling across the room to get what she wants.
  • She really only cries when she is hungry, tired, or has a dirty diaper.  She does get fussy at times, but she is pretty easy to soothe and just so sweet.      
We get told by family members all the time how lucky we are to have such good babies.  We love our little miss and can't believe how fast these first 6 months have gone by!

Wren at 5 months

Wren is a doll and we absolutely adore her!  At 5 months...
  • She eats 4-6 oz every 2-3 hours.  She's a snacker and likes her food!  We always joke that "It's not easy keeping up these fat rolls!"  
  • It's so sad to eat in front of her.  She smacks her lips ans looks at you like "uhh, I would like some!"  We've given her rice cereal and she loved it despite the fact that 90% of it ended up all over her face and clothes.  Haha.  
  • She still sleeps like a champ!  She's woken up a few times in the middle of the night to eat, but always goes back down and usually sleeps until 7:30 to 8:00.  Such a dream baby!  
  • She takes pretty good naps which is so nice.  She'll usually be up for an hour or so and then go back down for a 2-3 hour morning nap.  It's been nice to have some one on one time with Trey in the mornings.  
  • Speaking of Trey, she absolutely adores him!  He is by far her favorite person and he makes her laugh the most.  We haven't been able to pinpoint what makes her laugh as it's different every time, but Trey can get her to laugh more easily than anyone else.
  • She as discovered her feet and it's the funnest thing to watch.  She loves to grab onto her toes and just sit there rolled up into a ball.  
  • She loves to lay on her play mat and grab her toys.  Most of the time she is content just laying on a blanket and being talked to.  
  • She's started to like the swing and loves to sit in it and listen to music.
  • She is pretty quiet most of the time but has started this "shouting match" way of speaking and it's hilarious.  If she wants your attention she sure knows how to get it.  
  • We all kind of have our own little nicknames for her.  I call her honey, little miss, and sweetheart most of the time.  Trey calls her baby Wren.  Dave likes to call her Wren-a-roo.  We always sing the Winnie the Pooh song but change the lyrics to "Roo bear, Wrenny the Roo bear". 
She really is so happy and content.  We got lucky with her!