Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eddy Shimai #2!

We dropped Megan off at the MTC yesterday.  It was a beautiful day!  We're going to miss her so much, but know that she will be a great missionary.  It's weird to have both of my sisters gone.  Even weirder that they are both serving in Japan.  If you're wondering, NO, I will not be updating a blog for her.  If you started reading my missionary blog for Carlie, you know that it was a COMPLETE fail.  I feel bad about not keeping it updated, but now that they can e-mail anyone they want, I feel that if people want to stay in contact with them ,THEY can email them directly.  It's not that it's hard to update the blogs, it just got to the point where I kind of felt uncomfortable posting Carlie's e-mails to a blog that anyone could read.  So anyways, there's that.  


Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's summer! Time for a HUGE update!

I'm am FAILING at blogging lately.  I feel bad that I've let this thing go for the past few months.  Summer is finally here, and with school being out I feel like I finally have time to update.  So, here's a little taste of what has been going on.  A lot of these pictures are going to be duplicates from my photo blog, so if you've already seen them, I apologize. 


I've been working on furniture renovations for months.  We were given our bedroom furniture from my parents when we first got married.  It was my parents first set of furniture when they were married too, so it's pretty sentimental to me.  Because this furniture was from the early 80's it had quite a bit of  "character", if you will.  I've wanted to refinish the set ever since we got them but have never had the room, nor the time to do it.  Well, now that we have a ginormous garage, and I'm no longer in college (WAHOO WAHOO!), I've been able to put in the time to do it.  It has been a process.  Let's just say that refinishing furniture is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a LONG time to make it look good.  This has definitely helped me learn how to be patient.  I've finished two pieces so far and am close to finishing the third (just put on a coat of poly last night!).  I've been really pleased with how they turned out.  I'm pretty proud of them because I've refinished them all by myself.       


I finished my first year of teaching a couple of weeks ago.  It went by so fast!  I had a blast, but am glad that summer is here.  I'm currently working full time with HCA in the office, so life is good.  I still can't believe how blessed I am to have the jobs I have.  I enjoy both of them so much!  I will continue teaching part time with Karen next year as well.  It's amazing how everything just fell into place last summer.  Everything worked out so well.  Having two part time jobs is really the perfect balance for me.  I'm excited to teach again this fall.  Karen and I will be moved to a different classroom next year, but at least we'll still be together!   

Saying goodbye to our class on the last day.  It was a bittersweet moment.  I miss seeing my class every day.    You get so attached to your students, so it's weird to go from seeing them almost every day to not seeing them at all.  


Megan and I have done two weddings so far this year.  The first one was for Carlie's friend Carlee Petersen.  This was our first buttercream wedding cake.  As with ALL our cakes, this one had it's share of OMG moments, but it turned out beautiful in the end.  It may or may not have slid off the cake stand and smushed into me on the way there.  SO stressful!  As we delivered the cake, the wedding planner said something that made me smile.  She said "I've always said that the most stressed out person on the day of the wedding is not the bride, it's the person who makes the cake."  HA!  So true!  We were able to fix the backside and it turned out beautifully!  We also made our cousin Casey's wedding cake.  This was our first four tier wedding cake.  It was SO beautiful!  I know I'm bragging a bit here, but I was really proud of it.  Pretty sure it's my favorite cake we've done so far.  It will most likely be my last for awhile too.  :(  Megan and I ALWAYS make our cakes together and she's leaving on a mission (in less than a week!!  More on that later)... so alas, I don't think I'll be doing any wedding cakes for awhile.  


HCA is celebrating their 25th year in business this year!  To celebrate, we flew out to California to have lunch at the Ritz Carlton.  It was amazing!  I have never, nor will I ever again eat somewhere that nice.  It was such a wonderful day spent with all of us at HCA.  The timing of the trip worked perfectly, because I had planned on coming to California the next day with my parents and Megan, so I was able to just meet up with them the next day.  Megan is leaving to go on her mission to Japan next week, so we wanted to take a little trip to spend some time with her before she goes.  It was just my parents, me and Megan.  She wanted to go to Disneyland so that's what we did.  It was so much fun.  I missed Dave SO MUCH though!  A week away from the hubby is too long!  

Megan's invitation to her farewell.  Isn't she gorgeous!?

 My ahi tuna salad from the Ritz Carlton...yes, I took a picture of my food, and no, I'm not ashamed of that.  
 And yes...I took a picture of the bathroom.  It was SO NICE you guys!  Pictures don't do it justice!  
 My in house made sorbets.  The coconut was my favorite.  So delicious!
 The view
 First time driving in California!  I'm finally old enough to rent a car!  Woot!  Definitely a moment to celebrate!  Haha  :)

 My mint julep from the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland.  Yet another place that I'll most likely never eat at again.  

 My dad is a saint.  Disneyland is probably the LAST place my dad would want to be, but he came anyway, because he's awesome like that.  

 The new Cars ride is really well done.  It was so much fun, AND it didn't make me sick!  Bonus!

 Dad and I went to an Angels/Yankees game one night.  

 At the World of Color show.  I was impressed.  If you ever go to Disneyland, you'll want to take the time to watch it.  Pretty neat. 
 Beach day for Father's Day.  

Driving home!  

Pretty sure this has been the biggest update ever, but I feel much better now that I have it written down.  It's gonna be funny when no one in my family cares about family history and this all goes to waste.  :)  To end, I have to show a picture of my dog, because he's the greatest and I can't believe he hasn't been in any of these pictures so far.  He turned one about a month ago.  Such a stinker, but so adorable! 

We sent these birthday invitations to our parents as a joke.  NO...we were not being serious.  We DID NOT have a birthday party for our dog.  Please slap me if I ever do something insane like that!  I'm not that weird people.  It's a long story, and you wouldn't get it unless you were in the family.  We all had a pretty good laugh over it.  I'll have you know, Scout only ruined 6 party hats before I got that picture.  :)

Until next time.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.