Monday, March 24, 2014

The Bump and Other Pregnancy Related News

I'll be 35 weeks pregnant this coming Wednesday.  For those of you that hate the "week thing", that would be 8 months pregnant.  We're in the home stretch, people!  I feel bad that I've let the blog go for the past two months, but I feel I have good reason.  Namely:  I'm pregnant and feel like I don't need to justify anything that I do or don't do.  Haha.  I kid.  But for reals, I've thought about blogging all the time, but by the time I sit down to the computer to write, my brain is fried for the day and my back is twitching and the baby is practically BEGGING for me to get ANOTHER ice cream cone.  I may have lost over 10 pounds in the first trimester, but have had NO PROBLEM whatsoever gaining it right back.  :)

Here's a progression of "the bump" for those that are interested:

I've seriously loved my bump throughout the whole pregnancy.  With that being said though, I have to laugh a little when I look at these pictures.  Obviously, only really Dave or I could tell I was pregnant until about 23 weeks.  Before then, it just looked like I had a "food baby".  Weeks 24-30 were what I like to call my "cute bump days".  I felt great.  Not fat, just pregnant, you know?  Then 30 weeks hit and I felt like a house.  I know, I KNOW, I'm small.  So help me, if one more person tells me how small I am I'm going to sit on them and crush them like a bug! "Oh yeah, do I FEEL small!?"  :)  But, I digress...

I still think I look pretty good at this stage.  Definitely starting to get that lovely plump pregnant face.  :)  AND, I know one one else cares, but I have yet to get a single stretch mark on my belly, which I have to admit, I'm astonished by.  I'm not getting my hopes up though.  I'm fully prepared to have a "road map" of a belly by the time this pregnancy is through.  Other than the fact that I'm battling a wicked cold/cough at the moment, I'd say I've been extremely lucky throughout this pregnancy.  Sure, turning over in bed is a chore, and I feel like I never sleep at night (baby likes to have disco parties at night...he's going to be so fun); but I'm just so grateful to be at this stage in my life, that it seems silly to complain about anything.  

Dave has been awesome (as always).  We like to keep things pretty humor heavy (is that even a thing?) over here, which has made pregnancy (and all the wonderful things that come along with it) that much more fun.  For example:  Dave likes to make sound effects for me when I perform almost any task: walking up the stairs and turning over in bed are his favorites.  Also, my new favorite saying is "I'm fat" to which he kindly replies "yeah".  If you know us, then you know that's just how we are.  

I can tell I'm rambling here, but these are just a few things I wanted to document before my pregnant brain forgets them.  Which btw, YEAH..pregnant brain?  Totally a thing.  

We're so close to being done with the nursery.  I'll post pictures soon.  I just need to find my motivation to finish those last few projects.  

AND, because I'm tired and ice cream is calling my name (seriously guys, it's a problem...) I'm going to end this post as abruptly as I can.  There.