Monday, December 29, 2014

8 Month Old Trey

8 months old, and such a cute little stinker.  :)

  • The best way to describe Trey at 8 months is in one word: busy.  He moves.  A LOT.  ALL THE TIME.  
  • He has hoards and hoards of toys, but insists on playing with cords, trash cans, outlets, blinds, door stoppers, keyboards, phones...pretty much anything he's NOT supposed to play with.  :)  He's kept me busy, that's for sure!  I don't know what I'm going to do when he starts walking!  It makes me tired just thinking about it. 
  • He has the cutest little crawl.  It's not a full on crawl, but an army crawl.  He's started to get up on his knees, but he'll just sit there and rock back and forth.  (Dave never fully crawled either, so it will be interesting to see what Trey does).  
  • Sits up for longer periods of time. He'll sit and play with his toys for a few minutes, but usually he's scooting around causing mischief.  :)
  • Still no teeth, but eats solids 2-3 times a day.  We just started giving him cereal puffs to snack on and he doesn't quite know what to do with them yet.  He just spits them out and plays with them. 
  • Getting dressed and/or changing a diaper is an ordeal.  He HATES to sit still and would be fine being naked all day.  He is one strong boy.  If he does not want to be on his back for a diaper change, he's not going to be.  I've gotten pretty good at putting on a diaper/clothes no matter what position he's in.  And then there are always those moments where I am tired and let him sit in his crib sans diaper and do as he pleases...sometimes you just gotta be naked!
  • His sleep schedule has been kind of strained lately, but most nights he's down by 7:00 and sometimes will sleep as late as 8:00!  He's been better at taking naps lately too which is nice.  He usually has 2-3 naps sometimes lasting and hour and a half!  I know that still seems short for a baby, but wow, we are loving it!  
  • Says "da da" and "ma ma" and "ba ba"  His new favorite sound is this weird half grunt half laugh.  It's hilarious.  He's also started using this high pitched squeal/cry.  He's entertaining, for sure. 
  • He's so happy most of the time and we just adore him.  We joke all the time that he is the best AND worst thing we've ever done.  :)  He definitely consumes our lives, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  We love you Treyby!

His signature look.  Always sucking on that bottom lip.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Trey at 7 months!

One of these days, I will do a "whole family" update on the blog, but today is not one of those days.  :)  Trey turned 7 months old this week and I figured I would actually get his 7 month post on the blog ON TIME, and not 3 weeks later like I've been doing in the past.  The sweet little babe just went down for a nap: blog time it is!

  • Trey is truly a delight.  He makes mornings so pleasant.  And that's a lot coming from me because I HATE mornings.  I was just telling Dave that Trey has been so good for me because he FORCES me to get up and be ready to start the day.  Before he came, I would typically still be in bed when Dave left for work and not get up for another hour (I know I'm lazy)...Since Trey came, I'm usually always up as Dave gets up and Trey gets to see daddy off to work.  It's simple, but it's nice to share mornings together as a family.  I think it sets the mood for the whole day.  ANYWAY...moving on...
  • Trey LOVES having blankets by his face.  This poses problems at night and during naps because he INSISTS on covering his face with a blanket.  Can you say suffocation!?  It's pretty interesting because Dave does this as well.  He has to have his entire head covered with a blanket and then he'll leave a little hole to breath out of.  Unfortunately, I don't trust that Trey knows quite how to do that.  ;)  So every night, we watch him on the monitor and when he falls asleep, I tip toe into his room and uncover his face.  :)
  • He has found his new favorite toy: door stoppers.  He played with one for 30 minutes the other day.  He loves the sound they make and thinks they are the most fascinating things in the world.  
  • He likes to sit in his high chair and play with toys,  I think he likes being able to sit up and seeing everything that is going on.  He CAN sit up on his own, but refuses to.  He's on the move so much, that we hardly ever see him just sitting up.  
  • He crawls!  FAST!  He went from this little scoot to full on crawling in a matter of days.  Because of this, he is into EVERYTHING.  If he wants something, he'll get it.  :)  
  • Still smiles and babbles to himself all the time.  He's discovered his tongue and constantly sticks it out to blow bubbles and make noises.  It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. :)  
  • Says "da-da" pretty well.  No "ma-ma" yet!  :)  Which is pretty interesting to me since he has taking quite the liking to me lately.  He's turning into a momma's boy, and I'm not quite sure what to do about it.  
  • He's very fond of family, but is not too keen of strangers, and HATES big crowds of people.  Thankfully, he still likes daycare and hasn't cried yet when I leave.  I'm crossing my fingers it stays that way! 
  • Sleeps great at night (7:30-7:30) and takes small naps throughout the day.
  • Loves his food!  He even will eat peas now! :)  There really isn't anything that he won't eat (baby food that is).  We're waiting to give him finger foods when he gets a few teeth.
He's the best little boy and we love him dearly.  Each new stage is so fun but he's getting TOO BIG!  He's closer to one year old now and it breaks my heart.  It's true what they say.  It goes too fast!  We love you Treyby! (We call him Treyby more than "Trey")...Poor kid is going to be so confused as he gets older...won't even know what his real name is.  ;)


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Trey at 6 months!

We have fallen in love with our Treyby.  I had all of Trey's pictures since birth printed and was looking through them the other day.  As I was going through them, I couldn't help but ooh and ahh over each and every one.  Dave started making fun of me, but I don't care, he IS that cute!  

6 months was a fun month!
  • Started to "scoot".  Hasn't mastered crawling yet, but can scoot pretty fast.  He can definitely get to whatever he wants.  Oh boy, better baby proof the house!  
  • He has toys galore, but some of his favorite items to play with include the garbage can (eww!), chair legs, table legs, drawers, blankets, and burp cloths.  His favorite "toy" at grandmas is the tape measure.  Simple pleasures,  :)
  • We started him on solids a few weeks ago and he LOVES them!  There's really only one food that we've found he doesn't like: peas.  He hates peas.  It's so sad because he will go to eat them, and then as he swallows he gags so hard he cries.  :(  It's sad but kind of funny at the same time, because each bite doesn't really deter him.  He just keeps opening his mouth for more.  :)
  • His favorite foods are squash and bananas.  
  • Still sleeps 11-12 hours a night.  I know, we are so blessed!  He's usually down by 7:30 and gets up between 7:30 and 8:00!  SO nice.
  • He battled a cold/cough for a week ON TOP of getting shots.  What a nightmare.  It was heartbreaking because we could tell he just felt so crummy because he was not his usual happy self.  So sad.  While he was sick he totally regressed and was up ALL NIGHT for 4 nights in a row.  I thought I was going to lose it.  It was like the newborn stage all over again.  Ugh.  The first time he slept through the night again I felt like I had slept for five years!  It was so great!  :)  
  • He talks and babbles to himself all the time.  He makes the "da-da" sound really good.  He also likes to blow bubbles and suck on his lower lip.  
I know there must be more, but I just can't remember everything.  Blast this mommy brain of mine!  Here are his 6 month stats (but really they are  more like 7 months stats since we just took him in this past week...whatever).

Weight:  17.75 lbs (40th percentile)
Height:  27.5 in (72nd percentile)!  
Head circumference:  17.5 in (60th percentile)

He has grown SO MUCH!  We can really tell that he has grown much taller!  He went from 10% to 72% in 2 months!  So, he's tall and skinny.  :)  Perfect as can be.  We love you Trey!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trey at 5 Months

Such a sweetie.  Our Treyby is going to be a heart breaker.  Just look at that face!  I know every parent thinks that their child is the cutest thing in the world, but mine tops them all.  We couldn't be more in love with this chunk.  Here's the lowdown on Trey at 5 months:

  • Sleeps pretty well.  We've been putting him to bed earlier and earlier which seems to help.  He's usually down for the night by 8:00 and doesn't get up until 6:00 or 7:00.  We're so lucky! 
  • Smiles all of the time.  Dave still gets the most smiles, but he'll pretty much smile at anyone after a few minutes.  
  • Laughs and laughs at the weirdest things.  We can't figure out why, but he always laughs when Dave gets home from work at night.  He'll come in, pick up Trey and then Trey will look at me and laugh.  So weird, but it's my favorite part of the day.  
  • Still loves his jumper and bouncing while being held.
  • Talks and sings and coos to himself.  It's the best way to wake up in the morning.  Most days he just wakes up and talks to himself.  We can really tell that he is finding his voice.  He's starting to make much more deliberate sounds, but we still hear the occasional "ah-goo" every once in a while.  :)
  • Is REALLY afraid of sudden loud noises.  He can go from super happy to screaming upset in no time.  It's the saddest thing I've ever seen.  He gets so upset that he just sobs and shudders.  So sad.  :( 
  • Still loves Scout and all doggies.  He loves to grab onto Scouts fur. Thankfully Scout is a good dog and won't fight back.  Someday we'll have to teach Trey to "play soft."  Haha.  :)  
  • Rolls like a champ!  Still no crawling yet, but he can roll all over the room in just a few minutes.  He is CONSTANTLY moving.  He's going to be a lot of fun when he becomes nobile.  ;)  
  • Is usually very content, but does have a very short temper.  It's actually quite funny.  If he doesn't get what he wants, he'll start breathing really fast and making these high pitched whines.  I have a feeling the toddler years are going to be a nightmare.  Oh my.

I'm sure there's more,  There always is.  We love you little Treyby.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Trey at 4 months: A Belated Post

So Trey turned 4 months 3 weeks ago.  And I'm just now getting to posting about it.  It might have something to do with the fact that I started school right around his 4 month birthday...hence life as we knew it ceased to exist.  But I digress...

Trey turned four months old, in which he became the cutest 4 month old ever.  Here's a glimpse:

4 months old!

Seriously so sweet.  We love him...just a little.  At four months, Trey:

  • Still sleeps like a champ.  He started getting back up in the middle of the night to eat, but goes right back down.  
  • Naps are still a hit and miss here.  We REALLY like it when he gets good naps, because good naps = happy baby.  
  • Really is content most of the time.  We've had several people comment on how he is unusually smiley for his age.  :)
  • Daddy is still the favorite.  He's fighting Scout for that spot though.  Trey LOVES dogs. 
  • Eats about 6 oz every 2-3 hours.  We tried rice cereal once, but it ended in a HUGE fit.  Trey was not amused.  His doctor says to keep him on just formula until 6 months, so we're in no hurry to add food to his diet.  
  • His favorite thing in the world is bouncing.  We got him a bouncer this last week and he loves it.  We love it too because it saves our arms.  Holding him is a workout!  :)
  • Will NOT take a binkie.  We've given up.  He's a thumb sucker all the way.
  • Laughs and giggles all the time.  
His four month stats were: 
Weight: 14.75 lbs.  36th percentile
Height: 24 in.  10th percentile

He's still little, but he's growing!  It's weird, because people will either comment on how small he is or how big he is. ??  Whatever.  He's perfect.  :)  We love you Treyby baby.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trey at 3 months

  • Sleeps like a champ!  Seriously.  For as bad as he was his first month, he sure has made up for it.  He sleeps 10-12 hour stretches.  It's seriously the best thing ever.  EVER!  He's been going down from 8:30-9:30 and often doesn't wake up to eat until 9:00 the next morning.  What a good baby!
  • Naps are pretty much a no go lately, but we don't really mind since he sleeps so well at night.  He will go down for a nap a few times each day, but usually only lasts 30-45 minutes.
  • He still LOVES his mobile.  He loves to talk and coo at it right after his morning feeding.  
  • He talks a lot.  He used to only say "ah-goo", but now his favorite thing to do is squeal.  It's the cutest thing ever and he can be so loud sometimes.  He likes to talk the most in the mornings and when Dave comes home from work.  
  • Daddy is definitely the favorite!  Trey gives everyone big smiles all of the time, but Daddy gets them the most, and doesn't even have to work for them.  
  • His new favorite activity is looking in the mirror.  He loves it and get's so excited when he sees himself.  I don't think he realizes it's him, but he sure likes that "baby in the mirror"!  
  • He still loves his bath.  Bath time is pretty much our favorite time of the day around here.  We call it "Tubby, Baba, Sleepy nigh-night".  Yes it's true, we no longer speak like adults; but I'm sorry, you just CAN'T speak to a baby in grown-up talk.  :)
  • He is a MAJOR thumb sucker.  I'm pretty sure that's why he's been sleeping such long stretches at night.  He DOES wake up, but as soon as he finds his thumb, he's back asleep within seconds.   I know I'm going to regret letting him do that later,  but it soothes him.  Plus, how are you supposed to keep a baby from sucking his thumb!?
  • Along with thumb sucking, he's taking a liking to blankets and burp clothes as well.  He'd shove a whole blanket in his mouth if he could.   
  • He can now roll from his back to his tummy but usually just likes to chill laying in his side.  
  • He has his cranky days, but really only cries when he's hungry or tired.  
  • He is ADORED by everyone and I can't blame them.  I mean, LOOK at him!  
First time swimming in Grandpa and Grandma Bland's pool.  

Blessing day.  My favorite picture of him to date.

Playing with the baby in the mirror.  Every photo we take ends up so blurry because he moves so much.

Dancing and laughing at the mobile.  

Why just suck your thumb when you can suck your thumb AND the blanket at the same time!?

Loves standing and being outside.  Doesn't he look like a little boy in this outfit!?  AH!  He's getting too big!

3 months old!

Tubby time at grandmas.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

2 months

At about 6 weeks old, Trey transformed from the orneriest baby there ever was to the sweetest little turd you ever did see.  :)  He still has his cranky days, but Trey's second month was 100 times better than the first one.  Here's a run down on Trey at 2 months old:

  • Sleeps SO much better.  When I wrote Trey's one month post, he rarely ever went down before midnight and was getting up every 1 to 2 hours to eat (kill me).  Now, he goes to bed pretty consistently by 10:30 pm and usually goes 3-4 hours in between feedings.  Some days he's up and ready for the day by 6:00 am and others he sleeps until 9:30!  (Can you guess which wake up time I prefer?)  :)  He still has a few nights here and there where he is up every 2 hours, but they're so much easier to handle now that I know they're not the norm.  Yay for more sleep!
  • He's the happiest in the morning (not sure where he got that from!)...his favorite thing to do in the morning is lay on the ground and talk to Dave and I.  He's started to coo and smile at us voluntarily which is SO rewarding.  His little baby noises are adorable and his favorite "word" is "ah-goo".  :)
  • He's in love with his mobile and loves to laugh and coo at the animals on it.  It's become our go-to "make Trey happy" device.  
  • He's definitely a Bland in the sense that he likes his alone time.  :)  He becomes really overstimulated and fussy when there are too many people and often prefers to be laying on the ground rather than being held.  
  • He is NOT a fan of tummy time.  He disliked it so much that he rolled over from tummy to back at about 7 weeks.  We were shocked.  He's rolled over twice, but for some reason refuses to do it again.  He still hates tummy time, but he'll just cry and cry until you give in and turn him back on his back.  
  • He is SPOILED.  He's mastered his fake cry and he thinks it's the funniest thing in the world.  He'll fake cry and after about 5 minutes I'll give in and see what he needs only to have him smile the biggest grin ever as I approach him.  He just might have Dave and I catering to his every whim...maybe.
  • He is a VERY determined little boy.  He's been this way since birth.  He knows what he wants and when he wants it; and until you get it right, you're going to be screamed at.  :)
  • He LOVES to arch is back and stretch his neck while being held.  It's really weird and I've never seen another baby do that, but he likes it so whatever. I guess the ceiling is really interesting.  :)
  • He's a thumb sucker.  Or at least he tries to be.  Most of the time he's trying his hardest to get his entire fist in his mouth, but sometimes he manages to only get the thumb; which makes him happy for the .2 seconds that it's actually in there.
  • He used to take MAM binkies and now he's more into Soothies.  He really isn't much of a binkie  baby unless it's nighttime.  At nighttime he almost demands to have one. 
  • He weighs 11 lbs 3 oz (29th percentile)
  • His height is 22 inches (11th percentile)
  • His head circumference is 40 cm (42nd percentile)
  • SO, he's just a little guy, but he's growing!
  • His cuteness percentile is 100, in case you were wondering...  :)
Happy 2 months Treyby Baby!