Monday, January 13, 2014

The room is DONE!

I just wanted to document that our room is finally DONE.  We've seriously been working on it since we moved in (almost a year ago), so I'm thrilled to finally have that checked off my list.  Here's some before pictures for those that are interested...

So, what did we do??

Removed wallpaper...NEVER AGAIN
Installed board and batten
Repaired water damage...Ugh
Repaired water damage a second the same place..
Re-painted water damaged wall
refinished ALL the furniture.  SO time consuming but so worth it!
installed new light fixture
installed new rods/curtains
made a new quilt (BIG thanks to my mom on this one!  She helped me so much!)
Hung my gallery wall (Dave was SO happy about that one...)  :)

Here it is!  What do you think?

I love it.  Which is good because I'm not changing it any time soon.  Like ever.  Too much work.  :)