Friday, December 20, 2013

Thoughts on Baby Bland and More...

  • I'm 21 weeks along in this pregnancy and it's really weird to say that out loud.  We're thrilled of course, I just can't believe we're more than halfway done!  Wow.  
  • We had our "big" ultrasound a few days ago and it was seriously so neat.  It was so comforting to hear that everything looked great and that HE's right on schedule!  
  • I know I'm biased, but I already think he's adorable.  I know to everyone else he looks like an alien :), but seriously.  

  • Can I just say that I hate taking weekly "bump" pictures??  It's super awkward and I always end up looking like a psycho in them.  That being said, my sisters have asked repeatedly to see pictures of me since they are both on missions.  So I finally just started taking some so they could see my nonexistent bump.

  • I seem to show a lot more at night.  And YES, I know I'm small.  :)
  • I love our dog.  Did you know that!?  ;)  I love that you can see his little face in the picture below.   He's right in front of the Christmas tree.  He sits there for hours and just looks out the window.
  • We got a little gift from our neighbors the other day and I about died over how cute it was.  They gave Dave and I each a chocolate covered pretzel and then a mini one "for the baby".  Haha. Cute right?
  • I totally spent like three hours last Saturday making paper snowflakes.  And then I made a garland of snowflakes to hang in our kitchen.  No, I am not 7 years old.  And yes, it looks fabulous.  
  • Dave received a remote control helicopter from work and is playing with it now.  Scout loves it.  He's not afraid of it at all.  ;)  It's going to be a fun Christmas break...