Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Very Scattered Update

I'm not sure what happened to summer, but it's over.  I can't believe I haven't posted since June.  June!?  Really?  I suck at this.  

So here's a really fast and scattered update...with pictures!  Oh joy!

If you followed my picture blog, then you know that we had a hummingbird nest.  I. Was. Obsessed.  The hummingbirds came, and they were so cute.  And yes, that is hummingbird poop surrounding all areas of their nest.  I know.  Gross.  I really really REALLY wanted to clean it, but was afraid the momma bird would freak out and leave the babies.  They left about the second week of September.  It would be cool if we got another set of eggs next summer.  I've left the nest there because I read that sometimes they will come back and reuse it.  We'll see.

Scout is adorable.  No news there.  :)  Here he is in his new bed.  We've decided that he's not allowed on the furniture anymore, so we got him a bed to chill on.    

But the biggest update news is probably the fact that we're going to have a baby this coming April.  We told our parents about it and they are so thrilled!  My Dad was so sweet and sent me a bouquet of roses to congratulate us.   

I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow.  YES...Finally done with the first trimester.  It's been rough, people.  :)  I've been so sick, but I finally feel like I'm returning to the land of the living.  It's been hard, but amazingly I haven't missed any work.  I'm so grateful that I teach in the afternoons and that my other job is flexible and let's me choose my hours. We'll have our first ultrasound next week and might be able to find our what we're having.  I'm not getting my hopes up since I'll only be 14 weeks, but I'm just excited to actually see our baby for the first time.  

Get excited!!!  This blog has just turned into one of those really annoying blogs where all you hear about is pregnancy this and pregnancy that because you know, NOTHING is more important in anyone's life than my pregnancy and baby.  

PLEASE tell me you could sense the sarcasm there.  Good.  But for reals though, you'll probably see a lot of posts about baby Bland.  Sorry.  :)