Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Birth Story: Part Two

34 weeks pregnant

January 28th was a Saturday; and like most Saturdays preceding it, Trey spent the day at the Bland's while I went crazy scrubbing the house.  Because third trimester body + cleaning + toddler "help" just does NOT mix.  Thankfully we could get some stuff done while Trey spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa's which is basically the equivalent of Disneyland in Trey's eyes.  

I spent the day cleaning and resting.  I never really got to that "Oh my gosh, I'm done being pregnant" point with Trey, but it was seriously reaching that point this time.  Everything hurt and I couldn't eat a grain of rice without getting horrible heartburn.  I truly love being pregnant because I consider it such a blessing, but I was tired.  I wanted to take advantage of the "toddler free" time though, so I sought out to get as much done as possible.  I spent a good 2 to 3 hours writing a detailed weekly schedule for my long term sub, and I even started packing the hospital bag!

My parents were out of town in Mesquite and my mother had joked with me all week "You better not have that baby!"  This became a usual topic of discussion since no one thought I'd make it to my due date.  Trey was two weeks early, so we figured we'd be having a Valentine's baby.  We joked about it all the time and each week Dave would ask "How many weeks are we?  How many weeks was Trey when he was born?"  Then, he'd do the math..."4 more weeks...3 mores weeks...sigh"  Haha.  We were so excited for her to come; but I'm not going to lie, we were freaking out a bit.  Trey's first few months were SO HARD. (and no...I haven't forgotten how hard they were.) To be frank, we were not looking forward to the possibility of THAT again.  We love our little Treyby to pieces, but oh my word were his first few months awful.

I went and picked up Trey from the Bland's and per usual, he fell asleep on the way home.  I was so tired, we just put him straight to bed and I went to bed early.  Dave did his usual "musical beds routine" lol.  We are both such light sleepers and my big, fat, snoring pregnant body had Dave looking for peaceful sleep elsewhere.  Haha.  

Restful nights of sleep had been long gone for weeks and this night was no different.  After about the bajillionth time of turning over in bed to find comfort, I felt a trickle...and immediately thought, "Oh great...that's just we've reached THAT stage of pregnancy now...peeing my pants uncontrollably."  I heaved myself out of bed and immediately felt a gush.  Again "Great, now I have urine all over my sheets AND my carpet...awesome!"  I go to the bathroom and instantly realized what had happened, and distinctly remember thinking "Well, crap...that wasn't supposed to happen."   

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